African Violet Care Guide

A warm spot on a cool morning with mixed colors remind us of a relaxed morning walk on the beach. This early spring bloomer loves the spring and fall mild climates and will bloom before other annuals wake up!

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Give your plant full sun (6-8 hours) to part sun (shade in late afternoon).
Water well in well-draining soil. Water regularly, keeping the soil moist but not soggy. Check it periodically and water while its roots get established. When the roots are anchored well, you can water and allow the soil to dry on the surface between waterings. Use a plant moisture meter and keep the soil above #3.
Likes humidity levels 50% or higher.
Maintain day temps between 64°F-75°F and nights down to 45°F-55°F. Cool temps set the buds. It will wain in hot summer but revitalize in the cooler fall months.
This plant blooms in cooler temperatures in the spring and fall months.
Fertilize when watering twice a month in the spring and summer with a 1/2 strength water-soluble fertilizer high in phosphorus to encourage blooms.
To transplant into a garden container or the garden bed, water your plant the night before. Dig the hole twice as wide as the grower pot and the same depth as the grower pot (not deeper). Remove the plant and center in the spot. Add rooting hormone around the roots of the plant. Water in the hole and let drain. If you have clay soils, add composted leaves, mushroom compost, and perlite to enhance the soil consistency. Slopes work well too. Fill around the plant and up to the top of its soil line. Tamp down with your hands to remove any air pockets. Water again around the drip line, being careful not to soak the leaves to help prevent fungus. Give this plant consistent waterings to allow the roots to establish but not remaining soggy. Mulch around the roots throughout the season.
After blooming, remove one-third of the stem. Pruning will stimulate new growth, and in the fall, when the temps cool down, it will create new buds and another burst of colorful blooms.
Take a young stem cutting between 4-6 inches long with at least two sets of leaves attached. Dip the cuttings in water, then in a rooting hormone gel. Use a pot with drainage. and place the stem 1-2 inches down into the damp, well-draining, moist seed-starting mix and tamp down around the stem securing it. Place a clear plastic bag over the cutting to mimic a greenhouse and mist the bag. Set it in bright, indirect sunlight while they are rooting. Check the moisture and humidity each day and add misting to keep the soil moist while the roots establish. After 6-8 weeks, roots will begin to establish. You can tug onto the stem to ensure the roots are secure. Remove the plastic bag and continue to keep the plant's soil damp until rooting has developed. Gradually acclimate the plant to more light each day.
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